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The US Commercial Service Philippines offers internship opportunities throughout the year.

What will I do?

The U.S. Commercial Service assists U.S. companies entering the Philippine market and helps Philippine firms in their efforts to represent American companies, utilize American products, or find joint venture partners. To support these objectives, the office analyzes information on the Philippine market, facilitates contacts with Philippine businesses, promotes US products in the Philippines, and advocates for US business interests.

Interns help us achieve these goals by:

  • assisting in the preparation of short, topical reports of interest to American firms
  • conducting other market research
  • identifying Philippine agents and distribution for American companies
  • assisting Philippine companies seeking information on American exporters
  • helping to organize Trade Missions and Buyer Delegations to the USA
  • administrative work

Who is Eligible?

Philippine and American citizens are welcome to apply. However, in order to participate you must meet the following qualifications:

  • enrollment in an accredited university
  • long-term availability, minimum one month (Mon-Fri 40hr week)
  • excellent written and oral communication abilities and good computer skills

Students of Business, International Relations, Economics, and Languages will benefit most from an internship at the U.S. Commercial Service.

Selection is made without regard to considerations of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, or handicap. Potential interns must receive a positive security check by the U.S. Government prior to the start of an internship.

Will I Be Paid?

No. This internship is considered volunteer service and federal regulations prohibit financial compensation. An official letter of recommendation will be provided if requested. Many universities will award academic credit for a completed internship. Housing is also not provided in the internship program.

Will I Have Insurance?

No federal government insurance is provided and no federal government liability is assumed.

How Can I Apply?

Send a cover letter and resume to the attention of the Internship Coordinator.

  • Cover Letter: Why you want to be an intern, what you have to offer and how you hope to benefit from the internship.
  • Resume: Future goals, computer skills, past experience, including academic accomplishments, citizenship, student status.

Qualified applicants will be contacted and asked to complete security and release forms.  If applicant is accepted, please note that it takes at least two (2) months to process security assurance checks prior to the start of the official internship.