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The Inter-American Development Bank Commercial Opportunities

The U.S. Advocacy Center staff at the IDB provides support and assistance to U.S. firms seeking commercial opportunities created by IDB projects. The following business opportunities are currently in the IDB pipeline:

PE-L1016 : Peru Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) is approximated at 400 million USD. Specific Notice: http://www.iadb.org/projects/Project.cfm?project=PE-L1016&Language=ENGLISH

PE-L1031 : Justice System Administration Modernization Program is approximated at 50 million USD.
Specific Notice: http://www.iadb.org/projects/Project.cfm?project=PE-L1031&Language=ENGLISH

PE-L1020 : Water for Everyone Program - Sedapal (SPDL)   is approximated at 50 million USD.
Specific Notice:  http://www.iadb.org/projects/Project.cfm?project=PE-L1020&Language=ENGLISH

For more information on IDB business opportunities, please visit www.iadb.org and click on the "Procurement" icon.