Michael McGee

ichael McGee
Commercial Counselor at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand

Michael L. McGee began his current assignment as Commercial Counselor in Bangkok Thailand in August 2011. Michael’s current assignment is his ninth tour as a Foreign Commercial Service Officer. He has also served in Honduras, Mexico, Argentina, Miami, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, the Dominican Republic where he covered the Caribbean, and San Salvador where he covered all of the Central American countries.

Michael McGee has lived and worked overseas for 30 years. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras and later successfully established his own import/export business in Panama. Before joining the U.S. Commercial Service, he directed a U.S. Government program

for refugees and ex-combatants of the Central American civil wars and was recognized by the United Nations for creating the "Arms for Arms" program, in which he recycled Contra weapons into artificial arms and legs for use by the victims of the civil wars.

He distinguished himself as the first U.S. Commercial Service Officer to participate in the Afghanistan reconstruction effort. Michael helped reopen the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, providing critical services to U.S. exporters and investors, and advising Afghan Interim Authority Officials. While serving in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, Michael also served as Acting Commercial Counselor for Pakistan and Afghanistan during this turbulent period. He regularly traveled to the three posts in Pakistan to guide the staff, and work with private sector organizations and Mission management.

Michael is originally from Florence Alabama. He earned his Bachelor’s degrees in psychology and health and recreation, and a Master’s degree in psychological counseling from the University of North Alabama. He is married to an international telecommunications consultant, and between the two of them they have five children.

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