Michael Ford
Vice President

Michael Ford is a career professional in international transportation, specializing in import/export documentation and regulatory compliance. He is responsible for BDP International's Regulatory Compliance unit.

Mr. Ford's activities include developing and administering the company's consulting arm in value-added product offerings such as Regulatory Compliance, Supply Chain Security, Duty Drawback, Insurance, Customer Education and Logistics Process Analysis/Management, and all topical governmental issues connected with the handling and administration of export and import cargo.

Mr. Ford's leadership in communication and system logic on governmental rules and regulations is central to BDP's ability to understand and resolve complex regulatory issues quickly, decisively and with minimal impact upon customers.

Mr. Ford has been associated with BDP for more than 34 years, Prior to his current role; he headed the company’s regional ocean export service division as Vice President. For the past 17 years, he has worked with and served as an advocate for some of the world’s leading companies, interacting with the U.S. Customs Service and the Department of Commerce/Census Bureau, in the development, piloting and automation of import and export programs. Among his other affiliations, Mr. Ford is the Co-chair for Trade on the Export Committee in the development of the new Customs ACE system and has served with Customs as a member of COAC (Commercial Operations Advisory Council), A Vice-chair of the Mid-Atlantic District Export Council, and chair the Partner sector with the American Chemistry Council, Responsible Care Committee. He also teaches an MBA international Logistics course at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.