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Welcome To the Sultanate of Oman

Welcome to the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Oman. Our mission is to create closer commercial ties between U.S. and Omani firms through value-added services. For U.S. firms interested in exporting to Oman, we offer business counseling, export promotion services, and a wealth of information on opportunities and companies in the Omani market. For Omani firms, we offer a wide range of resource information on U.S. export products, new technologies, and trade-related programs and events. Our primary aim is promoting U.S. exports to Oman, particularly those of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Commercial Section is responsible for U.S. export development activities in Oman. We ensure that U.S. businesses have accurate information to develop informed export marketing strategies. Additionally, we advocate on behalf of American investment and commercial interests in Oman.