Steve Janz

Vice President of International Sales and Business Development

Flow Sciences, Inc.

Flow Sciences, Inc. (FSI) designs and manufactures safety containment solutions including powder hoods, and fan-filter units for the protection of personnel working for Research and Development Laboratories primarily in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Pilot Plant, Robotic, Manufacturing and Production Facilities. “Containment by design” engineering methods using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) help to create task specific powder hoods which are deployed around laboratory balances, particle characterization analyzers, blenders, grinders, chromatography, automation and process equipment. New nanotechnology applications drive work station innovation for safety of both personnel and product. Nanomaterials advances require new approaches to how containment is achieved in keeping with evolving environmental health and safety policies. Originally started in Wilmington, NC in 1987 FSI has been located in Leland for 9 years w here design and build and testing occur within a “Lean Manufacturing” facility. FSI has multiple patents for potent powder containment hoods and was the w inner of the 2011 Coastal Entrepreneur Award in Biotechnology.


Steve Janz, VP International Sales & Business Development is in his ninth year with FSI and has over twenty years experience in the sales and marketing of products for the research, development and process areas primarily within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He is a member of the Advisory Committee for Biotechnology in Southeastern North Carolina , the North Carolina District Export Council, the American Industrial Hygiene Association, the American Chemical Society, the

American Glove Box Society and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.