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International Company Profile

International Company Profiles (ICP) provide detailed credit and background information on Nigerian companies to help U.S. firms evaluate potential business partners before initiating trade or investment activities. ICPs research financial standing, business performance, management capability, reliability, industry reputation, and more. Contact numbers, addresses, trade and bank references, and personnel are independently verified and confirmed to ensure business integrity. Subjective ratings are provided based on findings to further assist U.S. clients in determining suitability for export transactions.

ICP reports are typically 10 - 25 pages in length and are available within 30 days of ordering an International Company Profile service. However, due to staffing shortages and heavy demand for services, delivery times may be significantly delayed. Please contact your U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) for details of ICP availability.

Fee: Per Nigerian company investigated, the cost is $600 for SME companies, $350 for SME New-to-Export companies using the service for the first time and $900 for large companies.