Ms. Flavie Guerin, Commercial Specialist - U.S. Mission to the EU - Brussels, Belgium (

Flavie Guérin joined the Commercial Service at the U.S. Mission to the EU in 2000. She is the Mission’s expert on EU environmental and regulatory issues. Her areas of expertise include EU chemical control (REACH and CLP), waste management (Packaging Waste, WEEE and ROHS) and EU rules related to cosmetics.

Flavie advises American companies on compliance with EU regulations. She publishes reports and counsels companies via individual sessions, seminars and also at trade shows. She regularly organizes webinars to inform U.S. companies, both SMEs and multinationals, about regulatory developments in the EU. The most recent webinar addressed REACH notification requirements.

Flavie also defends U.S. business interests through advocacy with EU institutions. She represents the United States and other EU trading partners at the EU’s Competent Authorities meeting on the REACH Chemicals Regulation. She advises American officers from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) on environmental and regulatory issues. Her achievements on REACH have been recognized by the U.S. Government through several awards.

Prior to joining the U.S. Mission, Flavie worked as a consultant for the European Commission and for the audit and consulting firm KPMG. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Belgian University of Louvain in 1991. She also holds a Master’s degree in European Political Studies from the College of Europe, Belgium (1994) and an Executive MBA from Bristol University, UK (1997). She is a French national.

*Dr. Candace Prusiewicz, ICF International (

Dr. Candace Prusiewicz, a Technical Specialist with ICF International, has more than twelve years professional experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries. Her professional focus has been in the areas of researching, assessing, and synthesizing toxicological data to support human health risk assessments, hazard communication, and regulatory compliance. Most recently, she led the comprehensive toxicological evaluations and EU classification and labeling efforts for more than fifty REACH dossiers.

*Mr. Mike Penman – Penman Consulting (

Mike Penman is the Managing Director of Penman Consulting a company with its origins in the petrochemical and oil industry that has rapidly gained recognition for its ability to deliver on regulatory and science issues. Formed in 2007 by Mike, after over 30 years of direct experience of the chemical and petrochemical industries (ICI and ExxonMobil) as a toxicologist and managing science and regulatory programmes, Penman Consulting has grown quickly to encompass other specialist skills and resources to service the clients’ needs, including product stewardship, product management, scientific aspects as well as IT.

Mike has been involved in managing the business process and / or overseeing the technical work for literally hundreds of substances that have been used in thousands of REACH registrations. He has also designed software tools to cope with the complexity of registrant and SIEF management for some major consortia as well as Product Stewardship tools for companies.

Mike chaired one of the critical Reach Implementation projects - Information Requirements scoping study - and worked on the final delivery of the guidance documentation. Other relevant experience includes, being a member of the team that developed the Targeted Risk Assessment within ECETOC and member of the IUCLID group in OCED. He also developed and ran an EU FP6 programme looking at the potential of Nuclear Hormone Receptors as predictors in reproductive toxicity. He was awarded a UK civil honour for “Services to Environmental Safety” in 1997.

*Ms. Georjean Adams - EHS Strategies, Inc. (

Georjean Adams is president of EHS Strategies, Inc., a management consulting firm helping companies design practical environmental, health and safety (EHS) programs, specializing in chemicals risk management, compliance and sustainability based on over 24 years at 3M in corporate product EHS management. She teaches a course on environmental regulations at the University of Minnesota and does seminars on REACH for the Minnesota Trade Office. See more at

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