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Hong Kong

Telling Our Story to Consumers in Hong Kong

Many of our colleagues work collaboratively across program areas and industries to tell our story. In the attached article, trade specialist Jennifer Woods of CS Portland is interviewed in Hong Kong about Oregon as a destination for college-bound Hong Kong students. Jennifer was there on a temporary duty (TDY) assignment for the Hong Kong Education and Careers Expo. CS Hong Kong commercial specialist Rose Mak made the press arrangements with Ming Pao, one of the Special Administrative Region’s largest daily newspapers. In addition, Rose recruited 13 U.S. exhibitors to the Expo. The article and accompanying photo promote higher education in the United States in general and the Study Oregon higher education consortium.

Heading off on a trade mission or TDY in the near future? Consider following Rose and Jennifer’s lead by exploring local press contacts and promotional opportunities. Our Office of Marketing and Communications can help brainstorm messages and ideas. Collaborating across the world—another great idea for telling our story.

Market of the Month

This month we are featuring Turkey, a market strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and a market that has averaged over 7 percent GDP growth a year over the last five years. As a result of its location and economic growth, Turkey is emerging as the commercial hub of Central Asia, and companies can use this market as a jumping-off point to business opportunities throughout Central Asia, the Middle East and the Caucasus.

To read more about this market, its opportunities and its challenges, and to learn about best prospects, please visit this link.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Exceptional customer service is a journey. The completion of the Customer Relationship Management Unit’s (CRMU) analysis of the Commercial Service (CS) comment cards for FY 2007 Benchmark and Country Reports continues this journey. Creating promoters and therefore client loyalty is critical to the success of the CS. To better illustrate how we are increasing client loyalty, we have made one major change in the individual Country Reports. We are now focusing on creating promoters and not the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The reason for this change is that the NPS is only statistically valid at the network, regional or CS enterprise level. By shifting our focus to creating promoters, the CS will meet its NPS goal of 65 percent for both the regions and the networks.

Click on the links below so you may read the reports. At the prompt, enter the user name USFCS and the password crmu.

FY 2007 Benchmark Report

FY 2007 OIO Country Reports

List of Promoters Created by Each CS Post

Client Tracking System—New Version and Where to Turn for Help

A new version of the Client Tracking System (CTS) was just released and fixed more than 20 known bugs in the software, also adding a number of significant features. While it is never easy transitioning into a new system, if you take the time to learn CTS well, you will be able to identify new market opportunities for your clients and you will be able to assist more U.S. exporters than with the old system. With your assistance, we will continue to make it a better tool for our organization.

In the meantime, we are here to help. If you are having trouble with CTS, please send an email to ocio.customersupport@mail.doc.gov or call 1-877-206-0645, 202-482-1955, or 202-482-4641. We also have weekly help web seminars hosted by Lana Lennberg and Joel Reynoso each week. Feel free to suggest topics to cover. Please consider joining one of these calls and asking for real-time assistance on any issue you have.