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This first-ever multi-country SCP was coordinated by CS Hong Kong

Asia Now Regional Program Provides Access for U.S. Companies

Network SecurityUnder the Asia Now Program, several Commercial Service posts in Asia launched a regional, 11-city Single Company Promotion (SCP) Program for Juniper Networks, a Silicon Valley–based network and security solutions provider. This first-ever multi-country SCP was coordinated by CS Hong Kong, providing the client with seamless access to Hanoi, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, Beijing, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. This “one-stop shopping” approach helped the client conveniently execute a multi-country marketing campaign, while maintaining consistency and quality throughout the region.

The SCPs were customized for each market, but they were based on a uniform framework: For each SCP, the in-country CS office organized and hosted a luncheon seminar and included 15–30 of Juniper’s target customers in the audience. These customers were decision-makers that Juniper could not have otherwise reached without CS assistance. The in-country offices ran the individual SCP programs, and CS Hong Kong managed the client through its Asia Regional Headquarters.

Just one concrete example of the success of Juniper’s SCP program can be seen in this example: Ambassador Michael W. Marine hosted an executive luncheon event in Hanoi, Vietnam, with 13 guests and five local news reporters. Shortly thereafter, Juniper reported that as a result of the event, they had secured a contract with the Ministry of Finance—one of the attendees at the luncheon—worth $1 million. This program helped Juniper’s Hong Kong–based regional sales office tap into resources and support they simply never knew existed.

Internal coordination was accomplished by setting a standard for budgeting and pricing and by sharing cross-market experiences and best practices. Most importantly, this regional approach established a channel to introduce clients across multiple markets, allowing them to maximize their client traffic and their potential export success. Furthermore, total revenue generated from this program exceeded $60,000, with at least $18,000 in user fees alone. The convenience and effectiveness of the program has already led to the start of Phase II, which includes programs in other posts in the regions described above.