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International Partner Search

The International Partner Search (IPS) helps you find potential agents, distributors or other partners without necessitating a costly trip abroad. We will contact a targeted group of potential Dutch partners using the marketing materials you provide. From this group, we will identify the companies that are interested and capable of becoming your representative for the Netherlands. You will be presented with a report on the potential leads and it will be up to you to pursue further contact and negotiations.

The IPS report on these companies will include:

  • Contact information and basic business profile for as many as five potential Dutch leads
  • Each lead's opinion on the market for your product and/or service
  • The Commercial Specialist's opinion on the lead's level of interest and overall suitability to represent your company
  • Competition from local or third-country firms

To order an International Partner Search please contact the Commercial Specialist responsible for your industry sector. Click here for an overview of our user fees.

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