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The Hague

American Embassy
Lange Voorhout 102
2514 EJ The Hague
Phone: +31-70-3102417
Fax: +31-70-3632985
Email: office.thehague@trade.gov

The Hague Staff

Alan Ras, Head of Section
Phone: +31-70-3102420
Email: Alan.Ras@trade.gov
Advertising Services, Dental Eq., Drugs/Pharmaceuticals, General Services, Health Care Services, Laboratory Scientific Instruments, Management Consulting Services, Medical Eq., Renewable Energy Eq., Veterinary Medicine Eq./Supplies

Natasha Keylard, Commercial Specialist
Phone: +31-70-3102279
Fax: +31-70-3632985
Email: Natasha.Keylard@trade.gov
Aircraft/Aircraft Parts, Airport/Ground Support Eq., Automobile/Light Truck/Vans, Automotive Parts/Services Eq., Aviation Services, Defense Industry Eq., Pet Foods/Supp., Railroad Eq., Security/Safety Eq., Trucks/Trailers/Buses

Philip Hammerstein, Commercial Specialist
Phone: +31-70-3102416
Email: Philip.Hammerstein@trade.gov
Industries: Audio/Visual Eq., Computer Services, Computer Software, Computers/Peripherals, Telecommunications Eq., Telecommunications Services, Marine Equipment, Travel and Tourism, Environmental Technologies, Financial Services.

Anita Bruin, Administrative Assistant
Phone: +31-70-3102417
Fax: +31-70-3632985
Email: Anita.Bruin@trade.gov
Advanced Ceramics, Agricultural Chemicals, Agricultural Services, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Eq., Architectural/Constr./Engineering SVC, Artwork, Building Products, Business Eq. (Non-Computer), Coal, Commercial Fishing Eq., Commercial Vessel/Eq. (Non-Fisheries), Construction Eq., Electronic Commerce, Electronic Components, Electronics Industry Prod/Test Eq., Employment Services, Financial Services, Foods - Processed, Forestry/Woodworking Machinery, Franchising, Furniture, General Science & Technology, Hotel/Restaurant Eq., Household Consumer Goods, Information Services, Insurance Services, Investment Services, Iron/Steel, Jewelry, Lawn/Garden Eq., Leasing Services, Leather/Fur Products, Marine Fisheries Products (Seafood), Non-Ferrous Metals, Operations/Maintenance Services, Paper/Paperboard, Photographic Eq., Plastics Materials/Resins, Printing/Graphic Arts Eq., Process Controls - Industrial, Pulp/Paper Machinery, Pumps/Valves/Compressors, Robotics, Sporting Goods/Recreational Eq., Tools - Hand/Power, Toys/Games, Used/Reconditioned Eq., Yarns

Glenn Vanpolanen, Budget Analyst
Phone: +31-70-310 2423
Fax: +31-70-363 2985
Email: glenn.vanpolanen@trade.gov