These 16 or so private and public sector representatives focus on the industries of Automotive Parts & Components, Safety & Security, and Franchising.

They will be attending the conference on Tuesday, September 9 and will be available for B2B meetings on a first come first serve basis. Take advantage of this great opportunity to not only learn about doing business with the FTA countries but also establish relationships with potential new business partners!


Costa Rica has seen a steady increase in foreign investment over the years with a large presence of international companies such as Dole and Chiquita. Its citizens have one of the region’s highest standards of living and the 2009 Central America Dominica Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) has opened markets for American goods such as automotive parts and franchises.

Automotive Parts & Components Report for Costa Rica

One of the companies joining us from Costa Rica is an Automotive Company that dedicates itself to the technical repair and servicing of well-known automobiles. They service diesel common rail systems and conventional diesel fuel injection systems, petrol engine management, air conditioning, and chassis. This company is also the only Delphi IAM OEM parts rep in Costa Rica. Their ultimate goal is to raise the profile of electric vehicles and become the industry leader in Costa Rica. Company is available for one-on-one appointments on Tuesday, September 9th.

Honduras’s proximity to the U.S. and its centrally located ports provide for one of the lowest logistical costs in the region for U.S. exporters. In addition to a promising growth sector for franchising, the CAFTA-DR promotes the use of U.S. products such as fiber, yarn, and fabric which also opens the market for the automotive aftermarket and safety and security equipment sectors in Honduras.

Safety & Security Report for Honduras

Automotive Parts & Components Report for Honduras

Franchising Report for Honduras

Guatemala’s 14 million people make it the largest populated country in Central America and accounts for one-third of the region’s GDP. Home to over 200 U.S. firms in its market, American products and franchises enjoy strong name recognition. In addition to the CAFTA-DR, Guatemala has benefitted from recent government programs in 2012 that promote foreign investment make Guatemala ranked as one of the most improving economies in 2012-2013.

Safety & Security Report for Guatemala

Automotive Parts & Components Report for Guatemala

We will be joined by a company in Guatemala that is a high profile Safety & Security Company that currently works with a number of local private and state organizations. Company is available for one-on-one appointments on Tuesday, September 9th.

Morocco’s location between Spain and Africa serves as a regional hub between Europe and Africa. Morocco is the only African nation that is party to a FTA with the U.S. and the reductions of tariffs on goods and added protections for U.S. intellectual property will facilitate business for American companies. In addition, U.S. companies can look to expand into the emerging aftermarket automotive parts and components sectors from the Tangiers Exportation Free Zone’s promotion of investments in ports, airports, railways, and distribution centers.

Attending the Discover Global Markets Free Trade Agreements Event in Detroit will also mean taking advantage of a unique opportunity to meet with pre-qualified international buyers from the above countries.

All firms are ready to sign agreements with quality U.S. companies interested in expanding their international footprint and will be available for a limited number of one-on-one meetings

For additional questions or to secure your meeting please contact or (414) 297-1853.