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Mexico offers multiple opportunities and growth areas in the environmental technologies and water sectors. In December 2012, all three major political parties in Mexico agreed to specific reforms and projects within the water sector. CONAGUA, Mexico’s federal water commission, is responsible for potable water infrastructure, treatment, and distribution at the national level as well as the supervision of the municipal wastewater infrastructure in the country. CONAGUA’s investment budget for 2013-2018 is US$4 billion which includes: 1,154 new potable water treatment plants to be bid through national and international tenders; upgrading of municipal wastewater treatment plants; new desalination plants; water pipeline; and dams. The sector is expected to grow seven percent annually from 2013-2018.

President Peña Nieto announced on February 2013 an Interagency Climate Change Commission, with the objective of designing a national Climate Change Strategy. Mexico is committed to increase its International climate change leadership through this strategy, which will include a low emissions agenda for all the levels of the government-federal, State and municipal- and an inclusive climate change policy. It is likely that all industries will have to comply and will be asked to participate in a national inventory of emissions, potentially generating new areas of opportunities.

The webinar on Mexico’s Water and Environmental Opportunities 2013-2018 is coming soon!  The second webinar of the 2013 series will be held on Thursday, September 5, at 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 1 pm Mexico time

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