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Gold Key Service

ld Key Service

The Face-to-face meetings with potential partners are the most effective tools the U.S. business community can use to increase exports and expand business operations abroad.  U.S. Commercial Service Libya offers a complete package for the businessperson visiting this country to meet with potential business partners.  Prior to your trip we will work with you to identify appropriate agents, distributors, joint venture partners, procurement officials, and others you should meet to accomplish your goals while here.

The Gold Key Service Includes:

1. Hotel reservations.

2. Arranging for transportation and driver is desired.

3. Screening of potential agents, representatives, or partners.

4. Telephone campaign, hand-delivery of client's product literature, and follow-up calls.

5. Scheduling and confirmation of appointments with reputable Libyan firms.

6. Background information regarding local firms and potential partners.

7. Escort by Commercial Specialist to meetings and explanation of cultural differences, if necessary.

8. Orientation on trade practices in Libya.

We will schedule appointments with the key officials, reserve accommodation and arrange for a car and driver if so desired. Driver will require an additional fee. Fees for accommodation and transportation should be paid directly to the provider on termination of service. 

The Cost of Gold Key per day (TBD). Clients are required to pay in advance in full when ordering. Work is initiated only after client payment is received.

We stand ready to help you do business in Libya with your U.S. products and services.

Ordering the IPS Service
U.S. firms can request an IPS through their local U.S. Export Assistance Center or by contacting our Commercial Specialists.