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The U.S. Commercial Service approaches Lebanese government officials on behalf of U.S. firms involved in overseas projects to promote U.S. commercial interest in Lebanon.

Advocacy may include visiting government officials, arranging meetings with government officials, escorting company representatives to these meetings, assisting U.S. companies in redressing complaints or removing trade barriers, sending letters or making phone calls on behalf of U.S. companies regarding a specific project or opportunity.

The Advocacy Questionnaire is the Advocacy Center's formal way to gather information about a project. It must be completed and evaluated by the Advocacy Center before the U.S. government can agree to provide advocacy support. Along with the questionnaire, your company must complete the Anti-Bribery Agreement, which certifies that your company has not engaged in any bribery of foreign officials.

The completed and signed Advocacy Questionnaire and Anti-Bribery Agreement must be faxed to 961-4-541788 or scanned and emailed to the U.S. Commercial Service.