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Anthony Perridge
Channel Director, EMEA

Maher Jadallah
Regional Sales Manager Middle East


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Columbia, MD 21046

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Sourcefire provides a new model of security allowing defenders to be more effective before, during and after an attack; across all attack vectors; and respond at any time, all the time. Our agile security solutions work not only at a single point in time, but also have continuous capability always watching, never forgetting, and able to turn back time. We call this Retrospective Security. Sourcefire offers one scalable platform for network (FirePOWER): NGIPS, NGFW, Advanced Malware Protection; one solution for endpoint (FireAMP): advanced malware protection for endpoints, mobile devices, virtual environments; and one management console (FireSIGHT) – all working together to detect, understand, and stop threats.

Goal of Mission:

To develop relationships with private and public sector decision makers for the advanced protection against malware and cyber threats.