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Services for U.S. Exporters include Market Intelligence, Market Promotion, Market Contacts, and USG Advocacy.

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We have an array of effective services that can help you penetrate the Kuwaiti market.  Let us help you.

Market Intelligence

We help with orientation to the market, investigation of Kuwaiti partners, and evaluation of your final selection.

Market Promotion

Leverage the cache of the U.S. Commercial Service to promote your products/services in Kuwait to targeted audiences.

Market Contacts

The following services are designed to help U.S. firms find buyers, agents, distributors, joint venture partners for their products and services in Kuwait.

USG Advocacy

Mobilize USG advocacy assistance in order to level the playing field on behalf of U.S. businesses that compete against foreign firms for specific international contracts tendered in Kuwait.

  • Request USG trade advocacy to lobby Kuwaiti officials in support of your government bids.