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Commercial Service Osaka-Kobe

Commercial Service Osaka-Kobe provides CS Japan's full range of services described in the Programs and Services page to support U.S. exports of goods and services in Japan. With a staff organized along industry lines in coordination with CS Tokyo, CS Osaka-Kobe has national responsibility to support and promote the following U.S. exports into the Japanese market:

Sporting Goods
CS Osaka-Kobe also has regional responsibility throughout the 17-prefecture consular district.

We also assist U.S. companies to establish and expand their operations in our consular district. U.S. companies can benefit from our strong ties with key public and private sector contacts in the region.

Other sections of the Consulate General provide related services of interest of U.S. business. These include the Consular Section, Political/Economic Section, Agricultural Trade Office, and the Kansai American Center and library.

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