Catalog Show Opportunities

Our team provides U.S. publishers the opportunity to showcase your titles for low costs at various international book fairs around the world, without having to travel to the show!

  • Paris Book Fair

U.S. publishers have an opportunity to exhibit titles via a catalog show inside the annual USA Pavilion during the Paris Book Fair. Rights Center and Booth space is also available. For more information, click here.

  • Book World Prague

The U.S. Commerce Department offers an opportunity for U.S. publishers to exhibit titles and catalogs in our annual U.S. Pavilion at the Book World Prague event, which takes place in May. The U.S. Commerce Department helps publishers gain exposure and match titles with interested buyers in Eastern Europe. Click here for details .


  • Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE)

TIBE is an excellent opportunity for U.S. publishers, agents, content providers and publishing service providers to promote their products and meet buyers in the China region. In 2014, we offered a chance for U.S. publishers to promote E-catalogs at no-cost. Click here for more information.

  • Jerusalem Book Fair

U.S. publishers had an opportunity to exhibit at the 2013 Jerusalem International Book Fair. Israel is a dynamic market for U.S. publishers, with the largest sales in textbooks, non-fiction, fiction, reference and secondhand titles. Preferred genres include fiction, psychology, cookbooks, thrillers, business and travel books. For more information, check out this site for more information.

  • Doha International Book Fair

The U.S. Embassy in Qatar hosted a US Catalog Pavilion at Doha International Book Fair, the largest book fair in Qatar bringing thousands of local buyers and hundreds of sellers.  This event took place at the Doha International Convention Center in December 2010.

  • American Book Promotion, Philippines National Bookstore

The Commercial Service is partnered with the Philippines National Bookstore (NBS), the largest bookseller and distributor in the Philippines, on an America Book Week promotion that took place May 2010.

NBS is exclusively interested in the following genres:

  • Academic and reference books, including textbooks
  • Self-help, including personal care, home care, pet care, cookbooks, etc
  • Fiction books, particularly book series and best sellers (either juvenile or adult literature)

As part of the American Book Week, the Commercial Service office hosted a reception inviting agents, distributors and publishers in order promote your titles and garner interest in future sales and agreements.