Health IT in China

Interested in learning more about the Health IT sector in China? 

Access our webinar recorded live on November 13, 2008, hosted by the U.S. Commercial Service Beijing and industry experts to learn about the market, challenges, and strategies you can use to successfully enter the Chinese Healthcare Information Technology market.

Topics include:

  • doing business in China;
  • how to work with local partners;
  • how to work with hospital customers;
  • how to work with the Chinese government;
  • best prospects;
  • company experiences; and more!
  • This presentation includes a Q&A session at the end of the presentation. 


Due to the Health Information Development Plan, all hospitals are required to increase investment in building digitized hospitals.  This requirement is expected to accelerate the growth of China’s HIT market by about 25 to 30% a year during 2006-2010.  

By the end of 2006, China’s investment in its healthcare information systems (HIS) had increased by nearly 16 percent to RMB 5.8 billion, year-on-year. This amount accounts for approximately 0.5% of the country’s total healthcare expenditures of RMB866 billion during the same period.

The market size is expected to expand to approximately RMB15 billion in 2010.  The development of China’s HIT industry is generally considered to be at a preliminary stage, resembling that of western countries 20 years ago.  However, as they learn more about available and emerging technologies, they now have the opportunity to leapfrog ahead.

Learn how your company can benefit from these changes in China and capture the growth of this market in this rapidly developing sector! 

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