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Coal is a combustible fossil fuel used in generating electricity, among other uses. The United States has more coal deposits available than any other fossil fuel resource, thus is our most abundant energy resource. Production in the US in 2009 was about 1,072,752 thousand short tons. Just this year (January – March), the US has exported about 17,806,595 short tons of coal.

The location of coal reserves around the world varies notably from that of oil and gas. Significant reserves are found in the United States and Russia but not in the Middle East. The United States with 28 percent and Russia with about 19 percent account for nearly half of global coal reserves. China (around 14 percent), Australia (9 percent), South Africa (about 6 percent), and Kazakhstan (around 4 percent) also have significant amounts of the world's recoverable coal reserves.

Key Coal Activities:


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Trade Events:

  • EXPONOR | Antofagasta, Chile, | May 11-15
    Exponor Chile is the meeting point of the great mining region of the Americas, which has a portfolio of projects totaling 17 million dollars through 2015. Exponor is a comprehensive exhibition that promotes the development of new production chains and also the exchange of knowledge and experiences between regional, national, and international entrepreneurs. Exponor is expected to include: Technological tours to mining operations; Business conferences with mining executives; Seminars and technical lectures; High level delegations touring the exhibition; International workshops with foreign mining executivesl; Extensive Networking Opportunities.For more information about exhibiting in the UA Pavilion, contact PeterK@kallman.com.