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Travel and Tourism Services Indonesia

Travel and Tourism Indonesia (2008)

4.59 million Indonesian citizens traveled abroad in 2007, reflecting a 4.14 percent over the previous year. Meanwhile, domestic travel is also flourishing, reports indicate more than 31 million travelers or an increase of 8.74% over last. In spite of visa challenges and the risk of travel delays due to secondary inspection Indonesians have maintained their interest in travel to the U.S. The economic stability and well-developed tourist facilities have made United States one of the destinations Indonesians look to. Indonesian visitors to the United States increased from 51,566 in 2005 to 53,133 in 2006. This increase was most certainly aided by the improvement in the visa application process. The average Indonesian visitor stays in U.S. for two to four weeks and spends approximately $5,000 – $7,000. due to the long distance, to the U.S., 60 percent of expenditures are dedicated to airfare.

Indonesians residents travel to the U.S. principally for tourism, business/MICE – Meeting Incentive Conventions Exhibitions, family visit, medical treatment and education. Los Angeles, San Francisco , New York, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Orlando and Washington, DC continue to be the most popular destinations for Indonesians in the U.S.

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