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Education and Training Indonesia

U.S. Higher Education Indonesia (2008)

In academic year 2006/07, there were 7,338 students from Indonesia studying in the United States (down 3.1% from the previous year). Indonesia is the fifteenth-leading place of origin for students coming to the United States, following Hong Kong (7,722). The majority of students from Indonesia study at the undergraduate level. In 2006/07, their breakdown was as follows:

62.5% undergraduate

23.3% graduate students

12.4% other

1.9% OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Indonesia experienced a steady growth in enrollment in the 1980s and 1990s. There was a small drop in students in 1996/97 that was consistent with broader declines in South and Central Asian student enrollments that year. In the past three years Indonesia has experienced sharp declines; down 15% in 2003/04, and 13% in 2004/05. Despite declines since the peak of 13,282 students in 1997/98, Indonesia remains one of the top 20 leading places of origin. (Source: Open Doors: Report on International Educational Exchange).

U.S. Higher Education Indonesia (2010)

Indonesia, as the world’s fourth largest nation and one of the G-20’s strongest economies, is a tremendous market for U.S. educational institutions. There are numerous state-owned and private national and international high schools and prospects for the higher education market are good. Most Indonesian students are keen to study abroad and the U.S. has been one of the most desired destinations. Under the Obama’s U.S.-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, the education sector is the number one priority. The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta has a mission to double the current number of Indonesian students to U.S. educational institutions by 2014. In academic year 2007/08, there were 7,692 students from Indonesia studying in the United States, making Indonesia the sixteenth-leading place of origin for students coming to the United States. Most students from Indonesia study at the undergraduate level.

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