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Your Industry Specialists:

Mr. Ignatius Indriartoto
Commercial Specialist
E-mail: Ignatius.Indriartoto@trade.gov

Agricultural Chemicals
Agricultural Machinery
Automotive Parts & Service Equipment
Automobiles & Light Truck/Vans
Commercial Vessels & Equipment (Non-fisheries)
Commercial Fishing Equipment
Education and Training
Forestry and Woodworking Machinery
Employment Services
Foods – Processed
Food Processing & Packaging Equipment

General Services
Hotel & Restaurant Equipment
Marine Fisheries Products (Seafood)
Mining Industry Equipment
Pleasure Boats/Accessories
Port & Ship Building Equipment
Railroad Equipment
Trucks, Trailers & Buses

Mr. Kalung Riang
Commercial Specialist
E-mail: Kalung.Riang@trade.gov

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment
Aircraft & Parts
Airport & Ground Support Equipment
Aviation Services
Architectural/Construction/Engineering Service
Audio/Visual Equipment
Building Products
Consumer Electronics
Construction Equipment
Computers and Peripherals
Computer Software
Computer Services

Electronics Industry Prod/Test Equipment Electronics Components
Electrical Power Systems
General Science and Technology
Information Services
Lawn and Garden Equipment
Operations & Maintenance Services
Photographic Equipment
Telecommunications Equipment
Telecommunications Services
Tools: Hand & Power

Mrs. Sharon Chandra
Commercial Specialist
E-mail: Sharon.Chandra@trade.gov

Business Equipment (non computer)
Cosmetics & Toiletries
Dental Equipment
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Health Care Services

Laboratory Scientific Equipment
Medical Equipment
Toys and Games
Travel & Tourism Services
Veterinary Equipment and Supplies

Mr. Mario Simanjuntak
Commercial Specialist
E-mail: Mario.Simanjuntak@trade.gov

Accounting Services
Advertising Services
Chemical Production Machinery
Composite Materials
Ceramics – Fine, Advanced
Defense Industry Equipment
Financial Services
General Industrial Equipment & Supplies
Iron & Steel
Industrial Chemicals
Insurance Services
Investment Services
Leasing Services Machine Tools & Metal Working Equipment
Non-Ferrous Metals

Oil & Gas Field Machinery
Oil, Gas mineral Production/Exploration Services
Process Controls: Industrial
Pumps, Valves & Compressors
Pulp & Paper Machinery
Plastic Production Machine
Plastic Materials/Resins
Pollution Control Equipment
Renewable Energy Equipment
Security and Safety Equipment
Water Resources Equipment & Services
Management Consulting Services

Mrs. Pepsi Maryarini
Commercial Assistant/Trade Event Coordinator
E-mail: Pepsi.Maryarini@trade.gov

Foot ware
Leather and Fur Products
Material Handling Machinery

Packaging Equipment
Paper & Paperboard
Printing & Graphic Arts Equipment
Textile Machinery and Equipment

Ms. Fidhiza Purisma
Commercial Assistant/ Secretary to Commercial Attaché
E-mail: Fidhiza.Purisma@trade.gov

Sporting and Recreational Goods
Books and Periodicals
General Consumer Goods

Household Consumer Goods
Musical Instruments
Pet Food & Supplies