India Infrastructure Business Development Goals

This Business Development Mission to India will demonstrate the United States commitment to a sustained economic partnership with India. It will address the market opportunities and challenging bilateral policies that represent high-priority areas of the U.S.-India engagement. The mission will combine Secretarial level policy dialogue and business development for U.S. firms. The mission purpose is to support participants as they construct a firm foundation for future business in India and specifically aims to:

  • Assist in identifying partners and strategies for U.S. companies to provide access to the Indian market for infrastructure products and services.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to be present for policy and regulatory framework discussions with India government officials and private sector representatives to advance U.S. market access interests in India.
  • Confirm U.S. Government support for activities of U.S. business in India and to provide access to senior Indian government decision makers.
  • Listen to the needs, suggestions and experience of individual participants so as to shape appropriate U.S. Government positions regarding India and U.S. business interests.
  • Organize private and focused events with local business and association leaders capable of becoming partners and clients for U.S. firms as they develop their business in India.
  • Assist development of competitive strategies and market access with high level information gathering from private and public-sector leaders.