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Increase your sales, partner with us!

Single Company Promotion (SCP) Service:

SCP is a customized service offered by the U.S. Commercial Service

  • Designed to assist U.S. companies or their representatives to increase business opportunities in India
  • It’s a program to help increase your sales of U.S. products or services in India
  • An initiative of the U.S. Commercial Service, an agency of the United States Government

What does it do?

  • Leverages our brand credibility to increase your sales
  • Provides an opportunity for you to reach out to a wide prospect base

How does it work?
Partnered sales promotion through

  • Joint mailings
  • Co-branded events

Joint mailings, what's that?

  • We work with you in identifying a potential client database
  • We send out a letter of support from US Commercial Attaché
  • We send it in our envelopes
  • We include your sales materials
  • We arrange meetings for your company with potential clients

    - Mailing not treated as Spam
    - Increased awareness of your offering
    - Your sales increase

Co-branded event, what's that?

  • We work with you in identifying the right type of event/ event series
  • We develop a scope of activities and budget for you
  • We work with you in identifying a potential client database
  • We send co-branded invitations
  • U.S. Consul General / U.S. Commercial Attaché attend the event
  • You establish contact with multiple prospective clients at one venue

    - Ice-breaking time saved
    - Increased credibility
    -Your sales increase

What about cost?

  • The service is customized to the specific needs of the client
  • Reasonably priced, you only pay for actual costs such as printing, hospitality and user fee
    - Economically viable

Who can benefit?

  • Company representatives of U.S. exporters
  • If U.S. value add is 51% then:
    - U.S. companies selling in India
    - Indian companies selling U.S. products


Has increased sales for others, Will increase sales for you!

Next Steps

Send a mail with your complete contact details and we will help you complete the process

Ahmedabad: Sangeeta Taneja
Bengaluru: Manjushree Phookan
Chennai: Sham Shamsudeen
Hyderabad: Sathya Prabha
Kolkata: Arup Mitra
Mumbai : P. Srinivas
New Delhi: Sandeep Maini

SCP for Weber in India