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Promote Your Company on our Website

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Looking for sales leads or potential sales representatives in India? Promote your services in our online Featured U.S. Exporters (FUSE) directory!

U.S. Commercial Service India offers U.S. exporters, a listing on our website, which targets an audience of Indian importers and commercial buyers.

For a small fee, we will post a description of the product or service for which you are seeking Indian representation, distribution or sales prospects. The listing will include your company name, a brief description of your product or service, a link to your company web site, an image, and an email link to our office.

Interested Indian importers will reply to our office and once we have confirmed their interest and contact information, we will forward the trade inquiry to you. If you hear from an Indian company directly, you may want to contact our office to ascertain more details.


SME Company*: $150 per set of 5 markets;  Large Company: $300 per set of 5 markets;  SME New-to-Export companies using Service for the first time: $75 per set of 5 markets. 

To receive your listing on our website, simply follow the link to complete this short form. In addition to signing up for India, you may use the same form to sign up for listings in other countries where the U.S. Commercial Service offers this program.

We encourage you to contact a U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Center, where trade specialists will provide you with guidance on how to benefit the most from becoming a Featured U.S. Exporter.  Please call 1-800-USA-TRADe or check the U.S. Commercial Service web site to locate the office nearest you.

*A Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) is defined as a firm with 500 or fewer employees or self-certified as a small business under SBA regulations.  A large company is defined as a firm with more than 500 employees.  Subsidiaries will be classified based on the size of the parent company.