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International Partner Search


Our International Partner Search puts our team of experts to work to find you the most suitable strategic partners.
You provide your marketing materials and background on your company. We use our strong network of foreign contacts to interview potential partners and provide
you with a list of up to five pre-qualified partners.

Save valuable time and money by working only with pre-qualified international partners that are interested in selling your products and services.

Obtain high-quality market information on the marketability and sales potential for your products and services.

Receive complete contact information on key officers at each potential partner which is interested in your company along with information on their size, sales, years in business, number of employees, and a statement from each potential partner on the marketability of your product or service.

The cost for an IPS is as per May 1, 2008, for a Small and Medium size company $550 per product category, for a large company (more than 500 employees), $1,400 and the standard delivery time is 30 working days.

There is a new service offered to New to Export companies that use this service for the first time ever and it is $350. The Commercial Specialist will notify the US company in good time on any delivery time deviations.

For more information please contact: Olafur Sigurgeirsson or Vidar Keyn