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Gold Key Matching Service

The Gold Key Matching Service is customized for finding potential agents, distributors, sales representatives, and other business partners.

Aspects of Gold Key Services include:
Specially tailored identification of business partners in the Icelandic marketplace screened by our staff to ensure high quality and genuine interest in finding an American partner.
Scheduled meetings with all potential partners.
Business counseling before and after your visit to Iceland.

Starting May 1, 2008 the fee for Gold Key Service is for a small and medium sized company,  $700 for the first day of appointments, and $300 for each additional day. For a large company (more than 500 employees), the first day is $2,300 and the additional day $1,000.

Also as a new service we offer the New to Export  companies the first ever Gold Key for the price of $350 for the first day and $150 for additional day. Delivery time varies from four to six weeks, depending on the industry sector.

Delivery: 6 weeks advance scheduling required.

For further information on the Gold Key Service please contact: Olafur Sigurgeirsson

or Vidar Keyn