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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where can I find market information on a specific industry?

A: Summaries of market research reports prepared on specific industry sectors by the U.S. Commercial Service are available at our Market Research Library. The U.S. Commercial Service in Hungary also offers customized market research materials to specifically fit your special needs or find additional information.

Q: Where can I find information on other European markets?

A: Check out our separate all-Europe website.  Market information prepared by other European Commercial Service offices are also available on www.Export.gov in our Market Research Library. You may view a complete list of our offices worldwide.

Q: Where can I find information pertaining to trade with the European Union in general?

A:  The U.S. Mission to the European Union can provide helpful information about EU standards and regulations, how to access markets in key sectors, find procurement opportunities and much more.  For more detailed information, please refer to U.S. Mission to the European Union or visit http://europa.eu/index_en.htm.

Q:  Where can I find tariff information for Hungary?

A:  For detailed tariff information, please visit the European Union Tariff Schedule. Valuable information may also be obtained from the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security.

Q:  Where can I find customs information for shipping goods to the United States?

A:  We do not deal with customs regulations for shipments to the United States. Please see U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection for more information.


Q:  I am an American company and want to export to Hungary. Where do I start?

A:  An International Trade Specialist at your nearest Export Assistant Center can assist you to obtain market information and provide information about the wide range of U.S. Commercial Service export promotion programs and services.

Q:  How can I find a German agent or distributor for my product?

A:  The U.S. Commercial Service in Hungary offers a variety of services and tools to help U.S. exporters find partners.  Please refer to our Services to U.S. Companies for a list of our services - or directly contact us

Q:  How can I obtain financial information and credit reports on a Hungarian company?

A:  Credit reports are offered as a part of our International Company Profile service.

Q:  Where can I obtain assistance exporting agricultural commodities and wood products to Hungary?

A:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Trade Office at the Embassy assists U.S. exporters of agricultural products. Please contact agberlin@usda.gov


Q:  I am looking for a contact number of a specific U.S. company with whom I would like to do business. How can I obtain this information?

A:  Please send us a written request via email or fax regarding the specifics of your inquiry.

Q:  I am a Hungarian company and want to sell my product in the United States. Where can I find information?

A:  We do not provide assistance for exports from Hungary to the United States. You should contact the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) at www.hita.hu.

Q:  I am a Hungarian interested in establishing a company in the United States. Where can I get information?

A: Many U.S. states have an economic development office somewhere in Europe. Please visit the website of the Council of American States in Europe for more information.