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U.S. Trade Events

U.S. Commercial Service Hong Kong regularly recruits delegations of Hong Kong qualified businesspeople to select international shows in the United States. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet with potential Hong Kong buyers, sales representatives, and business partners without leaving the U.S.

International Buyer Program (IBP)

The International Buyer Program (IBP) helps U.S. trade shows organizers promote their domestic shows through the U.S. Commercial Service located at embassies and consulates overseas. At U.S. trade shows, the Commercial Service establishes an international business center where attendees from abroad are welcomed, given a show overview, and counseled with matchmaking tools to help them achieve their business objectives such as meeting U.S. suppliers targeted at the show.

Click here to see all International Buyer Program Events in America. Hong Kong companies who are interested in attending the IBP tradeshows, please contact the U.S. Commercial Service, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 2521-1467, Fax: (852) 2845-9800; Email: office.hongkong@trade.gov.