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Data Sources:
- Total Local Production: Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department
- Total Exports: Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department
- Total Imports: Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department
- Imports from U.S.: Hong Kong Census & Statistics Department

Hong Kong is one of the safest regions in the world, with a low crime rate and strong social order. As a major transportation and logistics hub, Hong Kong will face an increasing demand for safety and security equipment and services, particularly for airport and freight-cargo facilities. Other areas of substantial security equipment outlays include the commercial and financial sectors. Home security systems are becoming increasingly popular and common as well.

The market for safety and security equipment and services is growing and trending towards more sophisticated, high-tech products, an area in which U.S. firms are strong. Japan, Israel, the United States and the European Union are major suppliers for high-tech products, whereas China and Taiwan are market leaders in the lower-end safety and security market.

In neighboring Macau, major security companies continue supplying sizeable integrated security systems and products such as advanced biometric identification systems for international hotels and casino facilities. U.S. sophisticated security system suppliers may consider partnering with Hong Kong security companies to explore the market in Macau.

While Hong Kong possesses one of the freest trade regimes in the world, U.S. exporters should be aware that security products may be subject to U.S. Export Control Regulations and should pursue Hong Kong, Macau and China projects after determining compliance requirements. In particular, exports to China of items determined to be “crime controlled” may be statutorily prohibited.

Sub-Sector Best Prospects

Alarms and access controls
Chemical detection systems
Detention equipment
Identification devices
Radio frequency wireless technologies
Rescue equipment
Wireless surveillance equipment
X-ray scanners
Video surveillance systems


In Hong Kong, the primary users of safety and security products are Hong Kong enforcement units such as the Police Force, Customs & Excise Department, Fire Department and Port Control Authorities. For commercial and residential use, there is a steady demand for access control equipment, alarm systems and CCTV surveillance cameras and systems. Fire Protection is another area which currently holds strong market demand—especially for new technology in integrated fire alarm systems.

Macau is an outstanding long-term niche market. U.S. companies wishing to enter the Macau market may consider partnering with related Hong Kong companies that are actively pursuing opportunities in Macau.

Web Resources

Trade Shows:

Name: Security Products China Sourcing Fair
Date: April 12-15, 2013
Location: Hong Kong
English language website: http://www.globalsources.com/tradeshow/hongkong-security-products.htm
Description: A sourcing trade show that showcases China-made security products.

Name of event: Asian Securitex 2014
Date: June 3-5, 2014
Location: Hong Kong
English language website: http://www.asiansecuritex.com/C/2.html
Description: A biannual event in its 13th year, Asian Securitex is a major International Security, Safety and Fire Protection Show & Conference. The most recent show was held in June 2012 and featured the most groundbreaking international security products and technologies, ranging from smartcard technologies, CCTV & remote monitoring control systems, integrated security management systems to rescue & emergency equipment and clothing.

Name of event: Fire Asia 2015
Date: February 2015 (To be confirmed)
Location: Hong Kong
English language website: www.fireasia2012.org
Description: The most recent show was held in February 2012. The event is a 3-day conference organized by United Business Media and the Fire Service Department of Hong Kong Government every three years. The conference focuses on exchanging professional knowledge, networking and generating synergy effects for exploring new heights to a safer society. Speakers hailed from the Pan-Asia region, Europe, USA and North America.

Trade Associations:

Asian Professional Security Association
Website: www.apsahk.org

International Professional Security Association (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Website: www.ipsa.com.hk

Security Bureau – Security and Guarding Services Industry Association

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