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Trade Counseling

The industry specialists of the Commercial Service in the Tegucigalpa have extensive experience with Honduran industry and a wealth of contacts within both the private and public sectors. Through years of assisting US firms, they are familiar with the questions, issues, and regulatory requirements that confront a firm entering the market. Working together with the Domestic Export Assistance Centers, the Commercial Service endeavors to provide customized end-to-end business solutions. We can:

  • Counsel on specific industry sectors.
  • Assist in developing market entry strategies.
  • Define distribution channel options for your products.
  • Review regulatory requirements and procedures.
  • Find third party service providers for finance, insurance and shipping.
  • Introduce investors to Honduran government support agencies.
  • Provide after care to new market entrants.
  • Provide regional guidance and outline market characteristics

Service available to all U.S. firms free of charge!

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