Trade Promotion Service Offered

Gold Key Appointment Service

The Gold Key appointment service, provides visiting American firms with pre-qualified and pre-screened meetings with potential overseas agents, distributors, sales representatives and strategic business partners.

The program features appointments with Guinea firms, background and contact information on each potential partner, product or service lines, after-sales service capability, market research and a market briefing and debriefing with U.S. Embassy Economic Section staff.

International Partner Search…the next best thing to traveling to Guinea

The "International Partner Search" helps you find potential agents, distributors or other partners without leaving the U.S. We will contact potential Guinea business partners using the marketing materials you provide, and identify the companies that are interested and capable of becoming a viable representative for you in Guinea. Our report on these companies includes: contact information and profiles, local market product evaluation, competition from local or third-country firms and more!

Single Company Promotion

U.S Embassy in Guinea provides a full range of services to U.S. companies or their local subsidiaries wishing to promote a product or service to an invited group of up to 100 people.