League of Green Embassies Platinum Key Service


  • $800

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League of Green Embassies (LoGE) Platinum Key Services include:

  • Listing of your company’s logo, description, and weblink on: www.buyusa.gov/greenembassies and www.export.gov/greenembassies, the Department’s websites for international trade and trade promotion;
  • Provision of timely information on all LoGE’s sponsored events and related activities occurring in foreign markets;
  • Provision of timely information on activities of the District of Columbia’s Greening Embassies Forum;
  • Provision of your company’s information, profile, and web link to all LoGE participating embassies/consulates and for all LoGE sponsored events;
  • Timely updates including videos on all LoGE events/activities including opportunities on how to participate in them; (see www.leagueofgreenembassies.org); and,
  • When available:

§ Reports including videos on efficiency gains at U.S. Government facilities related to LoGE related activities/installations;

§ USG market intelligence on energy and resource efficiency, and alternative energy;

  • Services will last one year and can be renewed.

View the U.S. Participants Listing.

*All web related stipulations on the export.gov front-end of the service will be carried out according to the guidelines of the Commercial Service. All listings may only include the following: a brief company description, a link to the Subscriber’s website, and the Subscriber’s company logo.

The size of a company logo must not exceed 200 x 200 pixels. The number of characters in the listing must not exceed 500. The web site will not permit the Federal Government web managers to alter the design, font size, style and color of listings. This is because listings MUST be consistent in order to avoid the appearance of favoritism or endorsement.