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Trade Leads

Ghana has no significant domestic assembly of motor vehicles and thus relies exclusively on imports. Used vehicles (5-10 years old) constitute about 70 percent of vehicles imported into Ghana. Overall the transportation sector is growing and offers good opportunities for U.S. companies. Significant growth has been recorded each year over the recent past in the number of registered motor vehicles. Approximate share of overall vehicle numbers for each of the main vehicle types is estimated as Private Motor Vehicles (one-third), Commercial Vehicles (slightly more than a quarter) and motorcycles (slightly more than one-fifth).

The main opportunities for U.S. exporters in this sector lie in the export of used vehicles, particularly used cars and trucks, to Ghana. A number of Ghanaian buyers have traveled to the United States in recent years to purchase used vehicles from U.S. auto auction companies.

The general trend is towards vehicles with smaller engine capacity. Five door cars are generally preferred over three door cars. Although smaller in size, within Ghana’s new vehicle market, U.S. sedan cars and sport utility vehicles are becoming increasing popular (as it is easier to obtain replacement parts than was previously the case).

Earthmoving equipment is in demand for use in road construction, mining operations and in commercial/residential property development. Price and financing terms are key considerations for buyers due to the low access/high cost of local credit. Reconditioned equipment is a good export prospect, especially equipment that has easily obtainable replacement parts. U.S. equipment is highly perceived and non-U.S. producers of construction and earthmoving equipment were somewhat slow to enter the market initially. Recently however, there are indications that non-U.S. competitors are looking at the Ghanaian market more aggressively.

Substantial infrastructure development is underway in Ghana and the following types of equipment have been in particular demand:

  • Bulldozers,
  • Tractors,
  • Excavators,
  • Wheel loaders,
  • Backhoe loaders,
  • Motor graders,
  • Dump trucks, and
  • Aggregate crushing plants.

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