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Company Promotion

The Single Company Promotion is designed as a targeted effort to maximize your organization's impact on a selected audience. The Single Company Promotion offers complete flexibility in building a customized program to help ensure your company's success in Ghana. Start to finish; we work with you to create the best possible platform to achieve your company's objectives.

For example, you can host a seminar for a product Launch or reception at the Embassy in Accra, when available and appropriate, or assist in getting preferential rates at other venues, e.g. hotel to introduce your product or service to the local business community. Our staff works with you to maximize your exposure to the right clients and market in Ghana. This service is tailored to your specific needs, and price will vary depending on the services requested.

Cost: $600 and above depending on request.

Please note that due to staffing resources and increased interest in the Ghanaian market, however, we are experiencing some long delays in service - depending on the volume of requests. Please check with us directly for precise timescales.

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