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Best Prospects

As oil and gas production nears, opportunities for auxiliary services to the industry will increase. Although Nigeria remains the sectoral hub for West Africa, the relative ease of doing business in Ghana combined with relatively pleasant living conditions, may attract a greater number of companies to establish a local presence in the market.

The mining sector – particularly gold – but also bauxite, manganese and diamonds, are a significant part of the Ghanaian economy. Goods and services to this sector represent a significant opportunity for U.S. companies. The Ghanaian government is also hoping to encourage the expansion of local value added processing.

The Ghanaian construction industry has grown in recent years, with activity in the areas of roads, highways and bridges, coastal works and residential accommodation. Construction equipment, particularly re-conditioned equipment, is likely to continue to be a promising sub-sector.

As the result of the government’s liberalization of the telecommunications sector, growth has been significant. Popular imports include switching and transmission equipment, telephone and fax machines, radio and television equipment and cellular telephones.

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