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November 11-14, 2014, in Hanover

EuroTier is the world’s leading exhibition for animal production and management at the Exhibition Grounds in Hanover, Germany. In 2012, the show set new records. Some 160,000 visitors, including 37,600 from abroad, came to gather information about machinery and equipment, genetics, farm inputs and services for modern animal production. The trade fair had a total of 2,400 exhibitors, including over 40 from the United States.  Please click here to receive a listing of the U.S. exhibitors in 2012 and a brief description of their products.


The exhibition program of EuroTier includes:

  • Breeding animals, reproduction technology
  • Feed storage, feedstuff conservation
  • Animal housing and shed construction
  • Machinery and equipment for animal production and feeding
  • Machinery and equipment for milking and cooling
  • Machinery and equipment for dung, solid and liquid manure
  • Transport vehicles, transport services
  • Bioenergy and decentral energy supply

Joint Project with BioEnergy Decentral 2014

The BioEnergy Decentral 2014 takes place parallel to the Eurotier. It focuses on energy generated from various sources of biomass. The U.S. Commercial Service Frankfurt is working together with the U.S. Commercial Service Munich to service both industry segments. This will give you the unique opportunity to reach out to both segments by attending one of the shows.

Are you interested in exhibiting at EuroTier trade fair? 

Please contact Bettina Capurro (see below) for further questions. Ms. Capurro will also be able to point you in the right direction if you want to simply visit the fair or have questions concerning the German Market. It is also possible to make an appointment with her during the fair!  

Your U.S. Commercial Service Contact:

Bettina Capurro, Commercial Specialist
American Consulate General, Munich
Tel: +49-89-28-88-751, Email: Bettina.Capurro@trade.gov

Note on Intellectual Property Rights

The U.S. Commercial Service is pro-actively engaged in defending American companies against counterfeit and copyright infringement. Please see our guidelines about IPR at Trade Fairs in Europe. They show how exhibitors can be supported on this very important subject. More information...