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Your Industry Specialists in Frankfurt

Volker Wirsdorf

Senior Commercial Specialist
Email: Volker.Wirsdorf@trade.gov
Tel.:+49 69 7535 3150

Elizabeth Walsh

Commercial Specialist
Email: Elizabeth.Walsh@trade.gov
Tel.:+49 69 7535 3167

Sectors: Travel & Tourism, Education & Training, Books/eBooks/Periodicals

Felix Happe

Commercial Specialist
Email: Felix.Happe@trade.gov
Tel.: +49 69 7535 3153

Sectors: Automobiles/Trucks/Vans & Buses, Automotive Parts & Services, eMobility, Transportation, Motorcycles & Accessories, Pleasure Boats & Accessories

Sabrina Leipold

Commercial Assistant
Email: Sabrina.Leipold@trade.gov
Tel.:+49 69 7535 3142

Sectors: Renewable Energies – Biomass, Biogas, Biofuels, Geothermal Energy, Hydropower, Smart Grid, Solar, Storage Technologies, Wind Energy, Financial Services, Insurance Services

Tobias Wester

Commercial Assistant
Email: Tobias.Wester@trade.gov
Tel.:+49 69 7535 3159

Sectors: Environmental Technologies, Pollution Control Equipment, Water Resource Equipment, Technical Textiles, Photographic Equipment & Supplies

Ulrike Riegeler

Commercial Assistant
Email: Ulrike.Riegeler@trade.gov
Tel.:+49 69 7535 3157

Sectors: Musical Instruments and responsible for General Projects & Events

Jutta Huth

Administrative/Budget Assistant
Email: Jutta.Huth@trade.gov
Tel: +49-(0)69 7535-3120
Fax: +49-(0)69-7535-3171

Complete list of industry sectors served by our Commercial Specialists in Germany.