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European International Study and Career Fairs


Studyrama, with the support of U.S. Commercial Service offices in Europe, is organizing the 13th annual tri-city study and career fair in Europe – Paris, Brussels, and London. The purpose of the fair is to provide students with information about degree programs, internships, jobs, and employment.

The United States will be the country of honor at these three fairs, which will serve to spotlight American universities.


  • English is the business language of Europe and French students seek to improve their English abilities to be competitive
  • The United States is a top destination for French students among English speaking countries
  • More than 8,000 French students studied at U.S. colleges and universities during the 2012-2013 academic year
  • Education and training are the United States’ 5th largest services export, contributing over $21 billion in annual revenue to the economy

When and Where?

  • 11 October 2014 – Cité International de Paris – Paris, France
  • 14 October 2014 – Thon Hotel Brussels City Center – Brussels, Belgium
  • 16 October 2014 – Andaz Liverpool Street – London, United Kingdom

Who Should Attend?

  • This is an opportunity for representatives of regionally accredited U.S. institutions of higher education to explore markets in Western Europe. Best prospects within this sector include:
  • Undergraduate, graduate, and associate degrees
  • Work/study programs (internships)
  • Programs in business administration
  • Intensive “American” English language training programs (summer programs for students or adults)
  • One-year university programs for French high-school graduates (post baccalaureate) usually between graduation and entry into French university
  • Secondary boarding schools
  • Academic summer camps


  • Each school will have a private booth to display promotional materials and meet with student attendees
  • In 2013, 13,000 students attended the Studyrama International Career Fairs, with 80-90% looking to study at a foreign institution.
  • A majority of attendees want to study in an English-speaking country and your school’s presence could be a deciding factor for choosing to pursue studies in the United States as opposed to other English-speaking countries (whose schools will also be represented at the conference).

2013 Statistics:

  • Based on the 13,000 students that attended in 2013, this year:
  • 60-70 % will be looking for undergraduate studies
  • 30-40 % will be looking for graduate studies
  • 20% will be looking for foreign language training
  • 10 % will be looking for professional training
  • 20% will be looking for career opportunities
  • Of the total number of visitors looking for study options:
  • 80-90 % will be looking to study at a foreign institution
  • 10-20% will be looking to study at a domestic institution

For further information or to sign up please contact:

Isabelle Singletary, U.S. Commercial Service Paris, at Isabelle.Singletary@trade.gov or +33 1 43 12 70 63