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WEEE/RoHS: Switzerland

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Update as of December 6, 2011

Based on the Swiss Environmental Protection Law, the Ordinance on the Return, the Taking back and the Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Appliances (ORDEA) entered into force in 1998. Under the ORDEA, retailers, manufacturers and importers are required to take back, at no charge, appliances of the kind that they normally stock. The importer and/or the retailer are exclusively responsible for paying the recycling fees, which are collected from the end-users (consumers) as an integrated part of the purchasing price.

Consumers for their part, are obliged to return end-of life appliances and are not allowed to dispose of them via household waste or bulky item collections. The Ordinance covers electrical and electronic appliances in the following categories:

● consumer electronics

● office, IT and telecommunications equipment

● refrigeration and air conditioning appliances

● Household appliances

● tools (except large-scale stationary industrial tools)

● sport and leisure appliances as well as toys

● luminaires (lighting fixtures)

● lamps (without incandescent light bulbs)

Collection and disposal, financed on a private-sector basis, is managed by the Swiss Foundation for the Waste Management (SENS) and the Swiss Association for Information, Communications and Organization Technology (SWICO).

Consumer electronics incl. IT, toys, audiovisual equipment, Hi-Fi, etc.

SWICO: http://www.swico.ch (only in German)

Household appliances and similar equipment

SENS: http://www.sens.ch (German, French, Italian)

Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)


The system assigns all relevant responsibilities to the local importers/retailers and, as a result, has no impact at all on American manufacturers and exporters. It applies on all relevant equipment, regardless from its origins.

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