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WEEE/RoHS: Slovenia

Update as of August 18, 2005


Even though the milestone suggested by the EU for setting up collection systems for WEEE is August 13, 2005, most members are behind in their preparations. Slovenia is no exception in this regard.

In Slovenia the initial legislation pertaining to the EU WEEE Directive suggested the establishment of the public service company that would collect and recycle WEEE. However, this legislation was recently changed to follow more closely EU directives. The collection and recycling of WEEE will be left to the market. Through the public tenders the state will grant concessions to companies. There will the 10 concessions, one for each class of WEEE; however, one company can be granted several concessions.

By August 13, 2005, the Ministry of the Environment plans to gather all information about the companies that put these products on the market and the quantity of such products that are on the market each year. This Central Register of Liable Entities will be ready by August 13 deadline. Also by that date, the proper labeling of such products will be mandatory. The list of “liable entities” will include everybody who will offer the product to the end consumer and may include producers, distributors, importers, … and must register for this “Central Register” with the Ministry of the Environment (Mr. Peter Tomse) by the end of June 2005.

The WEEE collection system should be properly set up by the end of 2006.

In case the Ministry of the Environment will not be able to grant concessions for all 10 classes of WEEE, it will have to establish a public service company to collect the class of WEEE that may not be as commercially attractive.

For more information please contact,

Mr. Peter Tomse,
Ministry of the Environment.
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Email: peter.tomse@gov.si

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Economic / Commercial Specialist
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