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WEEE/RoHS: The Netherlands

Update as of September 19, 2005

The Netherlands is one of the EU member states that does not obligate companies to register with an authority, nor to pay a fee. Electrical and Electronic Equipment companies (EEE) have to notify and report on how they meet their obligations.

A U.S. company is not considered to fill in the WEEE notification form, because the U.S. company is not responsible for complying with the obligations in the WEEE. The responsibility to comply with the WEEE decree lies with the Dutch importer (in some situations professional end-user) in the Netherlands and it is the Dutch importer that has to fill in the notification form. A U.S. company can, however, by mutual agreement (power of attorney or contract), fill in the notification form on behalf of the Dutch importer. This could for example happen in case the U.S. company deals with more than one Dutch importer. The notification form can be found on page 9 of the NL WEEE Management Regulations.

The NVMP and ICT Milieu are the executive organizations, established by manufacturers and importers, which ensure that all of the collected and discarded devices are processed in the most environmentally sound manner. The Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment monitors that the processing takes place in accordance with the regulations. NVMP and ICT Milieu can, on behalf of a group of producers/importers, submit a notification form at SenterNovem, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is also possible for producers/importers to submit a notification individually.

NVMP - the Netherlands association for Disposal of "Metalectro" Products (mostly consumer electronics, but also professional equipment)
[very detailed information available in English]
Tel: +31 79 353 11 23
E-mail: nvmp@fme.nl

ICT Milieu - part of ICT Office, the Dutch association for ICT and office organizations

Tel: +31 348 49 36 36
E-mail: petra.smith@ictoffice.nl

SenterNovem | Helpdesk Afvalbeheer

Tel: +31 30 214 79 79
E-mail: afvalbeheer@senternovem.nl
Uitvoering Afvalbeheer/PBA
P.O. Box 93144
2509 AC The Hague
The Netherlands

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Jennifer Ritfeld, Commercial Specialist - Environmental
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