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Automotive Sector

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MR-138 / EU automotive framework legislation

This market research report covers regulatory requirements applicable to cars and car components to be exported to the European Union (EU) based on the new Motor Vehicle Framework Directive 2007/46/EC (MVFD).   The recently adopted MVFD takes an important step towards further regulatory harmonization and broadens the scope of existing legislation, extending approval requirements to nearly all road vehicles.  Its changes do not immediately enter into force; instead, a phased-in enforcement period exists, stretching from April 2009 to October 2014 depending on the category of vehicle in question.  In the meantime, existing directive 70/156/EEC and amendments remain in force.

The approval process involves interaction with different bodies prior to bringing cars or car components on the EU market.   Typically, a national approval authority conducts assessment for EU-wide type approval whereas designated technical services are in charge of testing and certification.  The process affects whole vehicles as well as components such as rearview windows, steering wheels, axles, among others.  The latter are covered in separate directives which are not elaborated in this report.

MR-125 / The EU's Globally Harmonized System of the Classification & Labeling of Chemicals

For companies involved in global trade, complying with different labeling requirements can be expensive, tricky, and often inefficient.

To address this problem, the United Nations adopted the “Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals” (GHS) as a non-binding resolution. Recently, the European Commission proposed to implement the United Nation’s GHS system into law.

The Commission aims to time the GHS's entry into force as closely as possible to REACH to allow consistency of transitional arrangements of GHS and REACH. 

Our latest Market Research Report explains the European Union's Globally Harmonised System and provides advice on how companies can comply with the GHS's requirements.

MR-91 / End-of-life-vehicles: EU legislation

The report details requirements under the EU directive on end-of-life vehicles, including the obligation for auto manufacturers to take back old cars and recycle them.

MR-48 / EU Considering Legislation on Automotive Spare Parts Market

The European Commission is currently considering legislation that could potentially transform the market for replacement auto parts. This short report examines the key issues surrounding the potential amendment and what it may mean for the future.

MR-16 / Proposed Rules Concerning Commercial Vehicles

The European Commission has proposed new technical provisions that would primarily affect commercial vehicles (vans, trucks, their trailers) and buses. The proposal, if adopted, would make ABS and other safety features mandatory on certain categories of vehicles. Additionally, buses will need to accommodate persons with reduced mobility. The Commission foresees the proposed measures being phased in starting in 2006.