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EU Tenders Databases

For procurement opportunities within the European Union, please visit the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), an online version of the Official Journal of the European Union. Tenders published in the TED include public purchases of supplies, works and services by European governments at the national and sub-central levels. Since January 1, 1996, the United States and the European Union have been party to the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), signed under the auspices of the WTO, which allows U.S.-based firms to bid on certain EU contracts above established thresholds.”

The National Electronic Procurement Databases

Electronic public procurement is already in place in most EU Member States. The best way to find out about those electronic databases is to enter the "simap" website, which offers a list of "national" e-procurement databases per country: go to "Public Procurement Opportunities", then to "Procurement Databases" and choose "EU".

The "simap" website also leads to the main public procurement database in Europe, TED (Tenders Electronic Daily"), published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This database can be used by all firms legally established in the EU, and is free of charge. All large public supply, works and services procurement contracts, above certain thresholds decided in accordance with the European Directives, must be published in TED.