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EcoMundo - REACH as Only Representative

Contact: Marie Roussel, Director North America Operations
128 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8, Canada
Phone: +1 (778) 231 1607
Email: mroussel@N0SPAM.ecomundo.ca
Web: http://www.ecomundo.ca

EcoMundo’s office in Vancouver was specifically set up to assist Canadian and U.S. companies in attaining their EU compliance when exporting to Europe: REACH regulation, GHS/CLP regulation, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), RoHS, WEEE, Biocides, Cosmetics, etc.

EcoMundo acts as Only Representative(OR) for all non-EU manufacturers and importers, through its main offices in Paris (France) and Brussels (Belgium).

The role of the "Only Representative" (REACH Art. 8) is very important. On behalf of the non-EU manufacturer, the OR is responsible for the REACH compliant registration of its substances.

Our main activity is the preparation of technical dossiers under REACH. We have dedicated team with REACH managers, toxicologists and ecotoxicologists who provide several services:
- SIEF/Consortium management: assistance to the LR, collection of data, registration strategy. Full management up to 2018.
- Building of the registration dossier: representation of the registrant, constitution of the dossier in IUCLID format, chemical safety report (CSR).
- Authorization dossier: definition of the process, building of exposure scenarios, analytical identification of SVHC, chemical safety assessment and dossier submission.
- CLP/GHS compliance: classification of substances and mixtures, CLP notification of substances.
- Safety Data Sheet (SDS) creation and management.
- SVHC traceability in the supply chain: help to the downstream users to detect possible SVHC in their products through efficient communication with their suppliers.

We have designed the web platform REACH Factory to ensure industrials can do safe business by meeting their regulatory obligations.

Some of EcoMundo partners
- SOCMA (Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates) in the USA
- CITRA (Center for International Regulatory Assistance) in the USA
- MMTA (Minor Metal Trade Association) in the UK
- CRIQ (Center for Industrial Research in Québec) in Canada

We have established a solid network of relations with large international federations and official representations.

Our offer is based on sustainable development premises to which HSE and quality assurance managers are confronted with daily.

Both SMEs and large industrial groups trust EcoMundo as a reliable partner.