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EcoMundo - Chemical Traceability: SVHC and RoHS

Contact: Marie Roussel, Director North America Operations
210 - 128 West Hastings
Vancouver BC, V6B 1G8 Canada
Phone: 778 231 1607
Email: mroussel@N0SPAM.ecomundo.ca
Web: http://www.ecomundo.eu

The REACH Factory software suite, which consists of six web tools, was designed by EcoMundo’s team of IT developers. It enables companies to easily exchange data and better communicate with their customers and suppliers. It also helps companies manage their REACH compliance as well as the one of their supply chain.

SVHC Factory, one of these six tools, is dedicated to chemical traceability in articles. This tool automatically contacts all the company’s suppliers and tracks down the chemicals contained in articles and components.

SVHC Factory can be customized for each company:
• SVHC substances (REACH)
• RoHS/WEEE compliance
• Conflict Minerals Law
• Specific blacklists to be defined

SVHC Factory’s service is generally accompanied by an expert phoning service. This phoning feature involves raising the suppliers’ level of awareness and explaining what is asked of them. With EcoMundo’s web tool and phoning service, your company is guaranteed the best response rate.