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EcoMundo - Cosmetics/Personal Care

Contact: Marie Roussel, Director North America Operations
210 - 128 West Hastings
Vancouver BC, V6B 1G8 Canada
Phone: 778 231 1607
Email: mroussel@N0SPAM.ecomundo.ca
Web: http://www.ecomundo.eu

EcoMundo is recognized as the Regulatory Partner of COSMETIC VALLEY, the world's leading perfumery & cosmetics network.

Our clients range from top leaders of the Cosmetics industry to small businesses.

EcoMundo provides regulatory assistance for your cosmetics and perfumery products in compliance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and the REACH regulation.

EU Cosmetic Regulation 1229/2009
▪ Safety assessment of ingredients & finished products
▪ Dossier preparation for your products & security report
▪ Notification of your cosmetic products
▪ Labelling of your products
▪ Elaboration of your products’ information package

Note: EcoMundo acts as the Responsible Person on behalf of your company

REACH Regulation 1907/2006
▪ REACH registration (Only Representative)
▪ Safety Data Sheets (SDS and extended SDS)
▪ Packaging compliance (SVHC traceability)
▪ CLP regulation: classification, notification and labelling